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The Femcap:  The Miracle Birth-Control Option You’ve Never Heard Of
I hated birth control.  Initially, I was on the patch.  I was frequently nauseous and had all-night vomiting spells once a month.  Hearing it took the body a few months to adjust, I stayed with it, not wanting to start the whole process over again with another kind of birth control.  But on month number eleven of spending nights with my face against the toilet seat, I switched to Cyclessa, a low-dose, “low side-effect” pill.  The vomiting stopped but I had heavy spotting throughout the month and felt constantly crabby and high-strung.  When I linked grumpiness with birth control, my boyfriend raised his eyebrows at me, as though this was all in my head.  I didn’t want to be one of those girls who blamed wench-like behavior on hormones, so I just got better at dealing with the rush of rage I felt over small things.  But then my upper lip turned brown.  It looked like I’d been sloppily eating chocolate.  When I visited my brother and he stopped mid-hug to say, “Damn sis, looks like you got a moustache,” that was the end for me. When I looked it up on the internet, there it was:  birth control, common cause of melasma (dark pigmentation).  I was quitting, no matter what.
Desperate to find some other way to avoid pregnancy, I was scrolling through dismal option after dismal option on the Planned Parenthood website.  What I wanted was some magical option that kept you from getting pregnant without screwing up your whole body in the process. When I reached “Cervical Cap (Femcap),” I clicked on it, expecting some kind of archaic device; instead, to my great shock, I found exactly what I was hoping for but hadn’t thought existed:  a prevent-pregnancy-without-whacking-out-your-hormones, how-have-I-never-heard-of-this, miracle option.  It’s a reusable silicone cup shaped like a sailor’s hat that you insert in your vagina over your cervix…like a little plug that blocks the sperm from swimming into your vaginal canal.   I had no idea such a thing was out there.
Apparently, neither do most doctors; I read several blogs about women trying to talk to clueless physicians who knew nothing about it.  Even when I went to Planned Parenthood—the place where I’d heard about the thing in the first place—my doctor did everything she could to talk me out of it, citing UTIs as the deterring factor, even though actual research shows that while diaphragms have high UTI rates, Femcaps do not.  I was hell-bent on this non-hormonal option and convinced her to write me a prescription anyway.  Once I had the prescription in hand, the hard part wasn’t over—I now had to find a pharmacy that carried it.  Of the umpteen pharmacies in LA, I found one willing to order it for me—and they were going to charge me way more than the $75 price mentioned on Planned Parenthood.  Finally I ordered directly from http://www.femcap.com, faxing in my prescription.  There are three sizes—small (never been pregnant), medium (have had a caesarian) and large (vaginally-delivered a baby).  Less than a week later, I received my good-for-one-year Femcap, complete with it’s own carrying case (which doesn’t look much different than my old retainer case.)
How to
Holding the mini sailor’s cap in your hand, you put a little spermocide on the inside and outside of the cap to further stop the sperm from moving.  Spermocide initially alarmed me—sounded disgusting and full of chemicals.  But when I got the tube, it was harmless, clear jelly-looking stuff that didn’t cause any irritation and actually helped lube me up, making it easier to glide the Femcap all the way up to my cervix.  Unlike the condom, where you get all riled up only to have to pause while he gets set, the Femcap can be inserted up to six hours before sex.  After sex, you have to leave it in for at least six hours to insure maximum effectiveness.  This was easy and usually involved me leaving it in overnight, adding Femcap removal to my morning routine.  Plus, you could leave it in for up to 48 hours, having sex as many times as you want—though you do want to check to make sure the Femcap hasn’t slipped out of place.  After taking it out, wash it with antibacterial soap and then let it air dry.Learning curve
It does take a while to get the hang of.  It comes with a learning DVD—a pretty graphic learning DVD—that I watched several times through.  Then I laid down on my bed with my how-to brochure, studying the pictures and working on first feeling my cervix and then scooting the slippery little sucker all the way up there.  Possibly not as familiar with my own anatomy as I should be, I wasn’t sure if it was in there ok—was it all the way up there, covering my cervix completely?  This turned out to be me being paranoid; if you can’t feel it, it means it’s in the right place, and if you can feel it, it means it’s not in the right place.  The more I did it, the more comfortable I felt and the more sure I became that it was where it was supposed to be.  I guess it just took me a while to believe it’s as simple as it is.
The Femcap is designed to remain in place, no matter how hard you go or what position you’re in; as a result, it can take a while to get the hang of removing it.  This kind of gave me peace of mind—if it slid right out, I’d worry it could also slide right out during sex.  It doesn’t slide right out and for the first couple weeks, I experienced mild panic as I tried to wrap my finger under the handle and yank.  But, as with insertion, it got easier the more I did it.  Try different positioning—from laying down, one leg up, one leg down, to squatting like a frog (which worked best for me)—until you find what makes it easiest for you to remove it.  It eventually becomes easy and routine.Could he feel it?
The first few times, after sex, I’d roll over and ask, “Sooo…could you feel it?”
“No,” he said, shrugging.  “Not at all.”  While hyper-alert for any signs of it, neither one of us could tell it was in there.  He doesn’t have a small penis, so I think this would be the case for most men.Effectiveness
Excerpted from The Handbook of Contraception:

Based on the small studies to date, the typical failure rate is estimated to be 7.6%.  For perfect use, it is estimated that the failure rate is 2-4%.  Perfect use includes using Femcap correctly every time, applying spermocides with each act of intercourse, and using emergency contraception as back-up if the cap is used incorrectly (Shoupe).STD prevention
While birth control pills and other hormonal contraception do nothing to guard against STDs, the Femcap mechanically covers the cervix, making it harder for bacteria and viruses to enter.  This potential for protection against STDs is further enhanced when you use the Femcap with a Microbicide (a type of spermocide that protects against STDs).  This Femcap trait has the device up for a Priz Galien Award (regarded by the industry as the equivalent to the Nobel Prize).Disadvantages
While the disadvantages listed for hormonal birth control cover everything from weight gain to increased risk of stroke, the only disadvantage I can think of is that the Femcap cannot be used during menstruation.  This didn’t bother me, as it’s highly unlikely for you to get pregnant while on your period anyway (see http://www.babycenter.com/404_can-you-get-pregnant-during-your-period_1460117.bc).Conclusion
While it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.  It’s a huge mystery to me why no one’s ever heard of this.  Once you get the hang of inserting and removing it, it’s smooth sailing.  It should be one of the most popular forms, well-known by women and their doctors.  If you are looking for a non-hormonal option—with no side effects—this is the answer

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25 Responses to Fem Cap User Story

  1. femcapblog says:

    hatehormones Says:
    January 22, 2010 at 4:12 am | Reply
    I am going to see my midwife about getting a FemCap tomorrow. I can’t wait! Birth control pills do horrible things to my mood and body, I wish someone would of told me about FemCap 15 years ago before I put all those hormones into my body!

  2. femcapblog says:

    Michelle Says:
    April 26, 2010 at 1:25 am | Reply
    I am getting married in 4 weeks and I ordered my FemCap in the mail and received it a few days ago.. I’m really excited about using it! But when I was talking with one of my married friends she asked me if it interfered with how “wet” you would get since the fluid comes out of your cervix. So I guess my question is, were you still able to get “wet” even with the FemCap over your cervix? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle,

      I am guessing that by now you’ve discovered that the Fem Cap doesn’t noticeably affect your own lubrication! If you do need more lubrication, I suggest adding Contragel Green (this is what I sell as the contraceptive gel). Contragel.info

      Hope you are enjoying your FemCap,

      Tracey TieF
      Certified Natural Health Practitioner

  3. femcapblog says:

    Birgit Linderoth Says:
    April 26, 2010 at 9:25 am | Reply
    Thank you for writing this. I am also a fan of the FemCap and have start selling it in Sweden. I am a midwife since -88 and have always been talking about cevical caps and Natural Familyplanning.Most midwives in Sweden prefer hormonal methods. Now is it more important than ever to use non-hormonal anticonception. We know that hormones from the urin of women-on-hormones destroy fertility of animals living in water. But probably even for men. So for our health, lust, environment and our sons fertility – tell everybody about the FemCap. And I recommend to use Contragel green, non-toxic gel.

  4. femcapblog says:

    Lisel Says:
    October 29, 2010 at 5:26 pm | Reply
    I found Femcap while searching the web for non-hormonal birth control and birth control for women with migraines. My husband and I have been married only a year and condoms are terrible!! I have tried the pill, the mini-pill, and Implanon. All have been nightmares. Estrogen is a trigger for my headaches and the last episode sent me to the ER with stroke-like symptoms such as numbness on one side, split vision, and dysphasia. Very scary! Needless to say, when I found Femcap I was quite excited. I called my physician to see about getting the prescription and of course he nor his nurse had heard of it. After checking it out on the web, he agreed to let me try it. I can’t wait to get my order in and my femcap in hand. I hope this will be my miracle birth control solution!!

  5. femcapblog says:

    Ashley Says:
    December 4, 2010 at 5:18 am | Reply I have used the Femcap now for about two years. I didn’t get pregnant while on it. I love this method of birth control. I didn’t have to experience any side effects like the pill can cause and yet I still felt 100% protection from the possibility of getting pregnant. My husband told me he couldn’t feel it at all. It’s easy to put on and it is easy to take off because it has a little handle on it that makes it easier to grasp. I used the cervical cap before this and I only used it a few times before I got a UTI. After using this for two years I haven’t had one infection. I haven’t had problems with the natural lubrication while using this product like Michelle above wondered. Because your bodies natural lubrication comes from the labia which isn’t covered by the Femcap. The fluids that cause lubrication do not come from the cervix. I highly reccomoend this method of birth control, it is the healthiest with out any side effects!

  6. femcapblog says:

    hello I have been using the FemCap for over a year, and I have to say it is a very easy and effective method of birth control.

    The FemCap does not interfere with my hormones, it doesn’t affect my mood,or body weight. I highly recommend the FemCap to any women who cannot tolerate hormones and her partner, especially if he doesn’t not like to use the condom.

  7. femcapblog says:

    I gained 20lbs with the depoprovera shot & I was depressed all the time, afterward I changed to using the birth control pills, and with the pills I became very moody. My husband would not use the condom, and the IUD was not an option for me.
    A friend of mine told me about the FemCap. I have been using the FemCap for over a year and since I have been using it, I have lost the weight and I’m back to my normal self. The FemCap has helped me gain control of my body and my life.

  8. femcapblog says:

    Susan Smith Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    December 17, 2010 at 10:23 pm | Reply

    I agree with all the FemCap fans. It is a true wonderful birth control options for women who cannot tolerate hormones and hate the condom
    I have been using the FemCap for almost two years, I found it very easy to use and it become a part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth.
    I would like to assure Michelle that the FemCap does NOT interfere with how “wet” you would get since the fluid comes Bartholin glands from the labias and not from the cervix.

  9. femcapblog says:

    I recently got married in Aug 2010. We were both virgins. I didn’t want to be on hormones and Ben didn’t like condoms. We tried Fertility Awareness Method and soon became frustrated with it because of my irregular cycles. So now we use the FemCap during the “fertile” times. It is really easy to get in, Ben doesn’t feel it and there isn’t any side effects. I sometimes have trouble getting it out but that is why we have husbands, right?!

    I am so thankful for the FemCap! Also if you have any questions or concerns, they are really good at getting back to you and answering all your questions!

  10. femcapblog says:

    I am still in love with the FemCap, it is amazing and i would love to encourage anybody that can to try it. You will not regret it! No hormones, What else could we ask for?! =D

  11. Olivia Kessler says:

    I have been using the FemCap for over a year now. For the first few months I found it dislodged twice when I was about to take it out – (after it had been inside for over 6 hours). I don’t know if that is because it was not inserted properly, or because it becomes dislodged sometimes during intercourse, – I have no idea. But I haven’t had any problems with dislodging in a long time. I definitely would recommend FemCap over hormonal birth control, since hormones mess with a woman’s body and have disastrous long term side effects. Sometimes the FemCap is difficult to remove because it is sitting so high. Sometimes during the fertile period it is so wet and slippery inside, and the cervix is so high, it is difficult to insert. But all in all, there’s no perfect Birth Control out there except abstinence!

    After taking Safyrl (without placebo pills) for 2 months, and seeing a big drop in my libido, I have not been happy with bc pills as a result of this. From the beginning of my treatment of Safyrl for endometriosis, my libido had completely hit bottom. I am not going to be able to continue treatment on Safyrl due to the libido side effects. But on FemCap, I had no adverse side effects, and have been completely happy with Femcap. Femcap has not affected my libido whatsover. My husband has not had any problems with it either during intercourse. Due to the side effects of hormonal birth control, I will be returning to Femcap since the natural forms of birth control have worked great for me.

  12. Estefania Navarro says:

    femcap is so great it really works no hormones fells great for me and my partner.I used birthcontrol for about
    3 years I gain wieght about 20 lbs. for awhile and it was horrible cause my clothes didnt fit at all ,and then I used the condom but really it wasnt good for me cause it itch and it wasnt good at all so.Now I have three weeks and i really love it it really works

  13. femcap says:

    I Love the FemCap.


  14. Kate says:

    Greetings. I have been using the femcap for about 8 months. It’s relatively easy to insert, a cinch to remove an there’s no sensation for me or my partner of the device.
    I have been using the nonoxynol-9 spermicide with the femcap, and been having repeated yeast infections. I emailed the company, the doctor emailed me back immediately and asked me to call him.
    He is calling my pharmacy here in Boston right now, from CA, to get me an Rx to get rid of the infection since those OTC creams and such don’t work well. Not only that, but he told me where to find a non-irritating spermicide from Canada – there is a link under ‘International Customers’, how to care for the femcap to insure infection does not get transferred from last use, and was, in general extremely helpful and quick about it! This has been an excellent experience.
    thank you, Dr. “Femcap”!

  15. NM says:

    I have been using the femcap for over 2 years with excellent results. I was taking birth control pills, but they sent me to the E.R. with extremely high blood pressure and stroke like symptoms. I am happy to report that with the non-hormonal birth control, I feel healthy, with no side scary side effects. Neither my husband nor myself can feel the femcap, and I have had no problems with it moving out of place at any time. It is simple to put into place and also to remove. I am very happy with this safe form of birth control! I would highly recommend it.

  16. a says:

    I have been using the fem cap for about 3 months and so far, so good. Before using the femcap I was on the pill for 15 years, and it took over a year for my cycle to become regular again. I appreciate that the femcap is hormone and side-effect free. Plus, once I got the hang of inserting and removing it, it was simple to use. I can’t even feel it when its in, and most of the time, neither can my husband. Would recommend it to others who are concerned about hormonal side effects and want something that feels more natural than condoms.

  17. SKG says:

    I’ve been using the FemCap for 6 months. Its convenient and easy to insert. I had lots of side effects from birth control (break-thru bleeding, horrible moods when I was off the pills for a week), so I was looking for an alternative. This is great, but you should make a habit of putting it in everyday (I do it after I put the kid to bed) so that you don’t have to interrupt “the mood” when you need to use it. I recommend it!

  18. Christina says:

    I have been trying to find a OBGYN that will fit and give me a prescription for the FemCap in Washington, D.C. but I have not been able to find any doctor’s offices that will do so. Please help. I hate condoms and I’m DONE with pills.

  19. Birgit Linderoth says:

    I got a wonderful email from a grateful woman. She had avoided men and relationships, beacuse she could not use hormons or copperIUD. Easier to be alone, she wrote. But now she has found The Perfect Man. And he does not want her to use hormons or IUD either, but she dislikes condoms, then she found the FemCap. ( No information from her own midwife of course) The 26 mm was not fitting even if another midwife said so, now she has 22 mm and both she and her man are very satisfied and happy. It is some work to insert, wash and so on ,but this was a piece of cake according to her personal hell before.
    The FemCap was the Best ever she had bought!
    So she wrote:

    THANK YOU, Birgit. You must deserve a Star in Heaven for your work
    “Hej Birgit!

    Åh så UNDERBART! Det här är det BÄSTA jag någonsin lagt pengar på.
    Jag har faktiskt levt själv alldeles för många år, pga erfarenheten att när ett förhållande blir stadigt kommer oftast
    hormoner in i bilden. Och jag mår så fruktansvärt dåligt av dem. Har provat ALLT, inte ens spiral funkade.
    Hormonspiralen gjorde mig deprimerad och kopparspiralen gav mig konstanta blödningar. Det kändes krångligt. Enklare att vara själv.

    När jag minst av allt hade räknat med det och hade garden nere, mötte jag Den Underbar Mannen och blev djupt förälskad. Han går inte att motstå, helt enkelt.
    Dessutom tyckte han inte att det var någon bra idé med hormoner, utan använde hellre kondom för att jag inte skulle påverkas negativt/tappa lusten.
    Efter ett tag var det tråkigt att ha ett “skal” emellan, tyckte framför allt jag själv. Så jag började söka andra alternativ.
    Tänk vilken tur att jag upptäckte FemCap 🙂 Jag är Så Nöjd!

    Den lilla passade PERFEKT! Snurrar men lossnar inte, så storleken verkar rätt.
    Mannen är också Mycket Nöjd. Han känner av den ibland men absolut inte på något obehagligt sätt.
    Han hade otäcka minnen av stickande spiraltrådar och var faktiskt lite nervös när jag gjorde efterforskningar…
    Genom min barnmorska hade jag aldrig fått information om FemCap, på VC rekommenderar de bara hormoner eller spiral.
    Visst är det lite pyssel att sätta in rätt, ta ut, tvätta. Fast med mina tidigare upplevelser är det en enkel bagatell i jämförelse.

    TACK Birgit! Du måste få en stjärna i himlen för ditt arbete!

    Jättefin kollektion! Ställer du ut din konst?

    Vänliga hälsningar,
    Lisbeth Henriksson “

  20. olivia says:

    After taking Safyrl (without placebo pills) for 2 months, and seeing a big drop in my libido, I have not been happy with bc pills as a result of this. From the beginning of my treatment of Safyrl for endometriosis, my libido had completely hit bottom. I am not going to be able to continue treatment on Safyrl due to the libido side effects. But on FemCap, I had no adverse side effects, and have been completely happy with Femcap. Femcap has not affected my libido whatsover. My husband has not had any problems with it either during intercourse. Due to the side effects of hormonal birth control, I will be returning to Femcap since the natural forms of birth control have worked great for me.

  21. I loved your site.Really thanks! Will continue reading…

  22. Shells says:

    Hi, I have been debating over birth control for months now and really really don’t want to take any form of hormonal contraceptive. I made an IUD insertion appointment last year, after having all of the tests, then cancelled it. I have another one scheduled for next week but, although I do have long periods, I just don’t want to take the risk of any negative mood effects. Aaarg! I love the idea of the FemCap, especially after chaning to using menstrual cups over the last few months (should be easy for me to use now). I guess I have only one question ( a deal breaker lol). My partner and I enjoy very regular sex. If, say, you have sex every day, when do you get a chance to remove the Femcap? (sorry, very FemCap naive question!). Thanks! 🙂

  23. Birgit Linderoth says:

    You should remove it,wash it,dry it and re-insert it after your daily shower.

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